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Decks: Wood decks suffer when they are exposed to either too much sunlight or too much shade. Every few years seal your deck to preserve the material.

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The US government states that about 40% of your heating cost is due to windows and doors.

Windows that are single pane, double pane, have seal failure, and have storm windows, are all factors in the value of your present windows. The bottom line is the worst shape your old windows are in, the more you will save, and the faster they will pay for themselves.

You may be motivated to purchase new windows because of the energy savings that they afford, there are many other advantages they offer. New windows will function better than the old, and they won't be painted shut. They will also offer ease of cleaning, look better, and won't steam up in cold weather. Low-e glass also filters out much of the UV rays that cause fading of drapes, furniture, and carpeting.

Advice on Dealing with Bad Contractor Behavior


The best way to avoid any issues is to thoroughly research prospective contractors. Narrow your investigation to organizations that have positive word of mouth along with Better Business Bureau reviews. Be sure contractors are fully insured, licensed, and have documentation through your city. Take time to contact references. If you do find yourself in an unsettling situation with a person you have hired consider using the following tips:


·         Document Everything! Keep logs of conversations but try to do as much communicating via email as possible thereby having a written record of all contact.


·         Deal with the Appropriate Individual. If the contractor is the problem, call the office.


·         File a Complaint with the States Attorney General. The attorney general will try to mediate the problem between homeowner and contractor.


Shelter: Installing a privacy fence over any other type of perimeter barrier will provide your property with some shelter from the elements. The fence will act as a windbreaker to prevent the wind from affecting you, your plant life and your property. Depending on the positioning of the fence and of your home, this can also provide shade when it is required. 

2.       Protection: A privacy fence provides protection not only to help keep young children and animals within the boundary, but also to keep intruders and stray animals out. It will help your property to remain hidden from prying eyes and will reduce the temptation for children and animals to stray. Your property will benefit from having a clear indication of where the land separates from the neighboring property.

3.       Noise: Where the dimensions and materials are sufficient, this type of fence can lessen the amount of noise that your yard suffers from beyond the fence. The presence of the fence and the thickness of the same will serve to dampen down noise so that it is not as intrusive as it would be with another type of fence or with no barrier at all.


We offer our customers the benefit of a family owned and operated business.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.  

Create a Home maintenance Fund


If your roof springs a leak during a storm it’s nice to have rainy day funds. An emergency maintenance fund of a couple thousand dollars would make handling sudden expenses a breeze. Factors to take into consideration for how much to put aside would be your income, homes condition, and other expenses. Your home is a major investment, it is wise to be prepared for surprise repairs.


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